Loan Checklist for Conventional Loan

Mortgage Loan Checklist

Pre-approval Checklist:

  • Borrower’s name (co-borrower as well, if applicable)
  • Current address
  • Estimated annual household income (Both borrower and co-borrower)
  • Estimated monthly household debt expenses (including auto loans, or others)

Identity Verification:

  • Full legal name, social security number and birth date
  • Phone number, email address and current and former residential mailing addresses over the last two years
  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Green card or Work Visa


  • Current Paystub showing 30 day history
  • Last 2 years w-2 forms
  • Last 2 years 1099 forms

Mortgage Application Documents:

  • Identification (driver’s license or passport)
  • Fully Executed Purchase/Sale Agreement (for Purchase only)
  • Property Documents for subject property (for Refinance only)
  • Earnest Money deposit
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Declaration Page
  • Homeowner’s Association Dues Statement
  • Residential History
  • Your residential address for the past two years
  • Landlord names and addresses for the past two years (if you rented)

Homeowners Insurance:

  • Last 2 years federal tax returns (needed is using bonus income, commission income, self-employed income, trust income, rental income
  • If the gap in employment within the last 2 years, letter of explanation.
  • If self-employed, copy of current P&L, 2 years’ personal federal tax returns (include k-1) and corporate, s-corporation or, partnership returns
  • If rental income copy of the current lease(s) and 2 years personal federal tax returns.
  • Copy of Social Security Award letter or Disability award letter (if applicable)
  • Copy of pension/retirement check or evidence of direct deposit (if applicable)
  • If divorced and receive alimony and child support, the copy of divorce decree.  If recently divorced, must have received for at least 6 months and a copy of canceled checks will be needed
  • For interest and dividend income, copy of last 2 years tax returns and provide an asset that generates the income.


  • Bank account statements from the two most recent months for all checking and saving accounts.
  • Most recent two months bank statement, all pages for all asset accounts.
  • Documentation of any large deposits into the asset accounts
  • If gift funds being received and used, a copy of completed gift letter and receipt of the gift


  • Inquiry letter for inquiries showing on credit report
  • Copy of terms of any new debt that does not show on credit report
  • Copy of 12 months canceled checks if the account does not show on credit report
  • Copy of 12 months’ rent checks, if currently renting, or landlord reference
  • If the business pays for loans, a copy of 12 months canceled checks showing company pays.